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We thank all our teachers for their hard work and creative teaching. They have earned respect from our children and families. We are also grateful for the support from various local organizations, particularly UGA Chinese Student Union and the UGA Tate Student Center. Finally, the school could not have achieved its growth and reputation without the unconditional support of our parents.

UGACS 2012-2013 School Year Donors:

  1. Zhang, Wenchun ( 章文春 )& Cheng, Xiaochun ( 程晓春 )
  2. Huang, Yecheng ( 黄冶诚 ) & Wang, Kui ( 王葵 )
  3. Shen, Rongqing ( 沈荣庆 ) & Mu, Lan ( 穆兰 )
  4. Wu, Shengcheng ( 吴声程 ) & Huang, Yunhui ( 黄芸辉 )
  5. Meyer, Henning Hurst & Tsai, Shan Ho


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