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Bilingual Class BL1:

After several weeks of preparation by the Bod, the advisers, the teacher and the parents, a special bilingual class BL1 will open to accommodate increasing enrollment of children who do not, or barely, speak Chinese at home.

  • Special registration: 1:00pm-1:15pm, Sunday, 09/09/07
  • Class time: 1:15pm-2:55pm (two 45-min periods plus a 10 min recess) on school Sundays.
  • Tuition: $140 for existing students ($40 in addition to the $100 they already paid), and $130 for new students who starts on or after 09/09/07. Please make check payable to UGACS.
  • Withdrawal: New students are allowed within a two-week window. Tuition refundable after a $15 fee.
  • Book fee: For the cost of special-order books only (to be determined by the teacher)
  • Curriculum:Pingyin (Chinese pronunciation), daily dialogs & basic writing.
  • Classroom: UGA Tate Student Cetner, Room 143
  • Teacher: Cheng, Xiaochun (Cathy)
  • Parent duty: One BL1 parent per class day to assist the teacher in looking after the children before & after class and during the recess. Duty starts on 1:10pm thru 3:00pm. Duty schedule will be set up during registration, but a volunteer is needed for the 1st school day on 09/09/2007. If you'd like to be the first on duty, please send an email to the school Bod at seanwuyh@yahoo.com.
  • Arrival time: 1:10-1:15pm (parents: please sign in your child in the classroom)
  • Pickup time: 2:55pm-3:00pm (parents: please sign out your child in the classroom)


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