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School Policies


  • The school presently accepts students 5 to 15 years old regardless of sex, religion, nationality and ethnicity. Children younger than 5 or older than 15 years old may be accepted with permission of the principal (principal@athenschineseschool.org).
  • The school operates at the University of Georgia's Tate Student Center on Lumpkin Street in Athens, Georgia. All classes consist of two 50-minute periods, with a 15-minute recess in between.
  • Registration is accepted throughout the year until classes are full. However, parents are strongly encouraged to register their children during an Early-Bird period to receive a $5 discount on the registration fee.
  • New classes will be opened only if there are 5 or more enrollments, unless participating parents agree to make up the financial shortfall. Tuition and fees will be refunded in full if a class cannot be opened due to insufficient number of enrollments.
  • For registration info please visit www.athenschineseschool.org/registration.html
  • Withdrawal

    Requests for withdrawal may be granted through the first month (30 days) of each semester. Tuition and fees will be refunded according to the following schedule:

    1. 100% of tuition, registration fee and book fee (if any), if withdrawn 20 days before the start of the semester.
    2. 100% tuition and book fee (if any), if withdrawal is made 1 day prior to semester opening.
    3. 80% tuition for current students if withdrawal is made by the 15th calendar day of a semester.
    4. 50% tuition, if withdrawal is made by the 30th calendar day of a semester.
    5. First-time students are allowed for a special 2-week free trial period. Thus, new students who withdraw by the 15th calendar day of a semester may receive 100% tuition refund.

    Beyond the 30-day period, no refund is granted unless classes are cancelled by the school.

    Fund Raising:

    The UGACS is a community project. Its success depends on the active involvement of each one of us. Your financial support is particularly important for this school year for several reasons. (1) The decision to keep the tuition low to encourage enrollment from all income levels, (2) The formerly free textbooks are no longer free and getting more expensive, (3) There may be a time when free classrooms are no longer available, which may force us to look for other options ( including rental classrooms) to stay operational, (4) Due to inflation the costs for cultural, educational and fun activities outside the classrooms are raising fast, (5) A sufficient rainy fund should be established to offer discounts to low-income families and to counter any unexpected expenses such as a large number of withdrawals, sudden cancellation of free classrooms, legal liabilities, ect. Thus, in order to provide all our students the best possible learning environment, your generous donation in ANY amount is greatly appreciated! All financial donors, regardless the amount, will be acknowledged on the school website unless you prefer anonymity.

    Teachers Appreciation Day

    In accordance with the fine Chinese tradition of "尊师重教", or "honor teachers and appreciate education", the School will select one class day during the school year as UGACS Teachers Appreciation Day. Throughout the school year, and particularly on this day, students and parents may express in any way their gratitude towards our outstanding and devoted teachers.

    Teacher Responsibilities:

    Teachers are the key to the success of our school. We are fortunate to have a pool of experienced, responsible and loving teachers at our school.

    1. Each teacher shall submit to the Board a “teaching plan” in Chinese or "教学计划" by the second weeks of the semester. The teaching plan will be given to each parent after approval by the Board. Creative teaching is strongly encouraged; an engaging and fun classroom may be most suitable for the largely bilingual kids.
    2. Teachers are expected to open dialog with parents about the progress and the need of their children.
    3. Each teacher is responsible for the safety and well-being of each student in the classroom and during recess. NO UGACS student is allowed to play games in the games room upstairs or at any other Tate Center Facilities such as computers prior to, during and after classes.
    4. The school promotes positive education; any form of verbal/physical punishment is prohibited. Teachers are expected in the classroom 10 minutes before class starts. After classes, teachers shall coordinate with the parents and Board members on duty to ensure the safe return of each student to their parents/guardians.
    5. In case a teach is not able to teach, he/she needs to notify the principal at least one week prior to the class. Teachers are not encouraged to arrange a substitute teacher on their own.

    Student Safety:

    The safety of our students is extremely important. At any time during school hours, UGACS students are NOT allowed to visit the games room upstairs, play with any Tate Center equipment such as computers, or wear Heelys/roller shoes to school.
    No excessive running/chasing or any other out-of-line behavior is permitted at the School. Students who behave poorly and do not comply with adult warnings will be disciplined (timeouts), and a written note will be sent to their parents.
    UGA Chinese School will in all cases exercise its best efforts for the care and safety of your children. For example, a school official plus two parent helpers will be present at all time during the school hours to supervise the students and to ensure their safety. However, the School cannot be held liable in any event of illness or accident. Parents will be asked to sign a disclaimer form releasing the liability of the School, its staff and its faculty, as well as the facility host.
    It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to notify the School of any need for physical assistance and drug or food allergy, as well as any other special health concerns.
    Parents are required to sign in and sign out children in their classrooms. The earliest drop-off time is 10 min prior to class and the latest pick-up time is 10 min after class. After the allowed pickup time, a $10 late pickup fee will be charged, plus $2 per minute thereafter. Exceptions will be granted only on a case-by-case basis. When running late, parents should call the school official on duty to request a waiver. School official on duty schedule is posted on school calendar page
    The mearues above are in place solely for the very well-being of our children. Parents' understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated. Failure to observe the rules may result in dismissal of your children from the School.

    Parent Involvement:

    Parents are expected to be engaged in their children’s Chinese education, making sure that your children do the homework, as two hours of instruction per week of instruction is absolutely not enough for most children to master the basics of Chinese language. However, the school promotes positive education so over-homeworking is not encouraged.
    Please help educate your children/students to behave properly at school, to be respectful, polite, considerate to others, and to be GENTLE on all facilities of our host. Students who behave poorly and do not obey adult warnings will be disciplined (timeouts), and a written note will be sent to their parents. In the unfortunate event of any property/personal damages caused by a student's reckless behaviors, parents may be held responsible.
    Parent helpers are assigned on each class day to supervise the students prior to, during recess and after classes, to tidy up the classrooms, and to make sure that each child is safely returned to their parents/guardians after school.
    At no time during school hours UGACS students are allowed to play games in the games room upstairs or use any other Tate Center equipment such as computers. Each class day, a Board member will also be on duty. A duty schedule will be prepared and given to each family during the first week of class. The parents and the Board member on duty are expected to arrive at the school 10 min before the start of classes.

    Graduation Ceremony

    An informal "graduation" ceremony may be held at the school's annual End-of-School-Year celebration party for leaving students who have studied at east for a full school year at UGACS. The "graduating" students or their parents should register with the school before a deadline to receive an original hard-copy of a "Certificate of Completion".

    Email Address Changes:

    School-related announcements are made only via e-mail and the UGASC website at www.athenschineseschool.org. Therefore, an active email address is very important for school operation. To add your e-mail address to the school’s list server or make changes, please send an email to info@athenschineseschool.org


    The School does not provide snacks. Parents may prepare snacks for their child(ren), but please instruct/help your child(ren) to clean up after snacking.


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